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Fortville, Indiana is a town in Hancock County, just east of the north corner of Indianapolis. Its population was 3,444 in the official 2000 census. Fortville is surrounded by lots of cities in Indiana representing the quintessential Midwest America. Its location right on State Road 67 gives commuters a straight shot into the Indy metropolis, whose borders are less than 10 miles away.


Fortville maintains two parks for the benefit of its citizens. Landmark Park is a well-maintained space with a gazebo and shelters, and Memorial Park is a more natural, heavily wooded and gracious area, with a rambling creek running through it.


The Fortville downtown sector is renowned as a fine repository of architectural history and charming, small-town ambiance. It may not be first on the list of historic downtowns near Indianapolis, but Fortville’s center does have a special character all its own, and makes for a pleasant visit and trip down memory lane.


Fortville may be small, but it’s an excellent destination for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the natural world. Fortville restaurants are fantastic for a casual night out on the town. There are plenty of things to do in Fortville; you just have to look.


Fortville restaurants are more in number and better in quality than you might expect for such a small burg. The proximity to Indianapolis restaurants is a reciprocal benefit, creating a magnetic pull to Fortville from the big city just a few miles to the Southwest, and from Fortville to Indy, where suburbanites can go to enjoy some of the fine Indianapolis restaurants.


The History of Fortville, IN

The town of Fortville was named not after an actual fort in the area, but after original settlers in the mid-1880s whose last name was Fort. Fortville was incorporated as an official town in 1865 and had a population of 240 at the time.


Tribes of Miami and Potawatomi Indians first inhabited the land in the upper corner of Hancock County.  One of the first recorded white settlers was Francis Kincade. There were clearly defined roads throughout the area he occupied as early as 1826.  He filed a plat of 24 lots in 1834.  His property was known as “The Crossroads” because the Greenfield-Noblesville Pike (now SR 238) and Main Street (now SR 36/67) ran through this property.


Like other Towns in new territory, development was slow.  Streets were without gravel, and the sidewalks were made of sawdust and slabs. Fortville was located in a productive locality, however, and only needed to await the development of the surrounding country to be assured of its own growth.  The principal activity of the settlers was to cut down the forest.  The lumber was used for homes, a church, a school, and a central business district on Main Street.  On small cleared patches, family truck gardens thrived in the rich soil.  As cleared land was enlarged, it was developed for grazing, farming, and orchards. The first major crop was flax. The flax
mill was located at Main and Broadway and was in operation into the 1920’s.  Brothers Thomas and Vance Noel built the first flour mill in 1855.  It was considered the largest in the United States with a 100-barrel capacity. Some woodcutters contracted with the railroad for cordwood stacked at convenient locations for the wood burning locomotives. New grain elevators, gristmills, sawmills, craftsmen, merchants, doctors, and druggists kept pace with the Town’s growth.


Things To Do

Fortville Skatepark – Concrete disciples come from all around Fortville to test themselves on this challenging, professional skateboarding practice course.

Fortville Parks – Fortville has multiple parks with walking and biking trails to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Downtown Fortville – Downtown Fortville boasts small-town charm with many of its historic buildings housing locally owned shops. Downtown also has many restaurants to choose from including locally owned and well-known favorites.

Ten West Center for the Arts - Ten West Center for the Arts is a performing Arts Center in Fortville, IN dedicated to helping youth stay creative through low to no cost arts education. Ten West Center for the Arts is a destination in Central Indiana where visitors will always find engaging theatre, inspiring art, and educational classes at an affordable rate. Our goal is to ignite creative thought and passion in students and provide an anchor for free thought and collaboration in our community.

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